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The Badlees lyrics

Amazing Grace To You lyrics

There was a man who sang the blues
No one could deny he spoke the truth
He shouted through the microphone
But no one could care less
He lived his life anonymously
Was rediscovered posthumously
Now people quote his words
And talk about his tragic death

(Ain't that the way it goes)

The was a man who told a lie
With a twinkle in his eye
People came from all around
To stand by his side
People will sell their souls away
For a little false hope and some unfound praise
There's always somebody out there
Who is happy to oblige

(Ain't that the way it goes)
Amazing grace to youHe met her in a college bar
Talked his way into her car
She fell in love with him, I guess
The same time he lost interest
Now, he takes a hit off of his bong
While she listens to country songs
Ah, to be young again

(Ain't that the way it goes)
Amazing grace to you

There's a place in my father's home
Where I still go to be alone
Demons visit me there yet
Sometimes we share a cigarette
They laugh and whisper in my ear
Tell me what I want to hear
The devil has so many friends

Amazing grace to you
(Ain't that the way it goes)

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The Badlees lyrics Amazing Grace To You lyrics
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